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Your business portrait session is designed to create a marketing tool that captures the attention of industry professionals and launches your career forward.  Every professional deserves an excellent photo!  In your session, we will coach you towards an engaging headshot that works perfectly for you.

Business Portraits need to have great expressions and perfect lighting.  With years of experience crafting excellent headshots that are beautifully lit, our headshots are praised for being friendly, confident, and approachable.  We specialize in making professionals look great in front of the camera.

During your session, we’ll capture a variety of angles and expressions in order for you to have plenty of options to choose from.  We’ll evaluate the photos together as we go and make sure you’re pleased with the results.  For most sessions, we will shoot multiple outfits and backgrounds.  We’ve done hundreds of sessions like this; all you’ll have to do is relax and smile under our expertly crafted lighting setup while we direct and interact with you to get natural expressions for the camera.  By the end of your session, you’ll have a wide array of images to choose from, perfectly captured by our high-resolution cameras and carefully crafted lighting setups.

After the session, we will look over all your images where you can view and select your final headshots.  Once selected, we’ll retouch and edit your top selections so they are picture-perfect.

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We specialize in making professionals look great in front of the camera.

Together we decide on a background and style.  We can do any background, any style (including styles not seen on my site). We’ll decide together what kind of images will work best for you.

Together we create an ideal schedule for the day. Sessions can be scheduled in increments depending on your needs.  We don’t double-book and I never rush sessions.

We bring everything to you.  With studio lighting and equipment to work in any space, nothing is a problem.

We do photo sessions with every person.  We won’t stop taking pictures until we both believe we’ve “got the shot.”  We will review the pictures together as we go.  We coach every person on posing and expressions, talking the whole time, and keeping it interactive.  We know a lot of people are nervous about doing this and we make people feel at ease.

Everyone selects their favorite photos from an online gallery. We’ll create an online gallery with the best photos of the day and each person chooses their favorite.

We do retouching & editing on each person’s favorite photo. We make people look picture-perfect, per your guidance.  We reduce age lines, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, and perform other subtle enhancements to your images.

We deliver all of the images in high resolution, ready for you to use.  You’ll have a fantastic set of pictures to use to promote your business.

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